Yukon / Kluane

Glacier Sightseeing Flights – Icefield Discovery

Spectacular glacier sightseeing flights over Kluane National Park starting at Silver City at the south end of Kluane Lake (1km off the Alaska Highway). You can choose to land on a icefield or fly over mountain ranges and glaciers as well as surround the highest peak of Canada Mount Logan (5959 meter)

Kluane Glacier Sightseeing Tours with Rocking Star Adventures

Take a Sightseeing flight over Kluane National Park starting at the Airport of Haines Junction into the Alsek Valley, over the massive ice-fields to Lowell glacier and Lowell lake.

Kluane National Park

The Park shares many information’s for visitors and travelers and about culture, wildlife, nature and more.  This National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stop at the new Visitor Center in Haines Junction and visit there interactive exhibits, video and film presentations.