Guest feedback and testimonials

Winter Photography Tours

Urs Meier auf der bald eagle phototour, Yukon, Canada

Urs Meier

Your photo trip to the bald eagle was great. I greatly appreciated your expert care and calm personality. The bald eagles, the colors at sunrise in the Yukon, the northern lights and much more were fantastic. I would like to thank you for the photography tour and your hospitality. The trip fully met my expectations. I can only recommend this trip. Thank you very much!

(November 2017 – following photos by Urs Meier)

Daniel Sabathy

Daniel Sabathy

I had an unforgettable time with Glanzmann Tours in the Yukon and in Alaska. These two weeks changed my life! Even today, 3 weeks back home, all of these deep impressions pop regularly in my mind and bring a smile to my face: Bald Eagles soaring almost weightless in the sky or battling over salmon carcasses on the river flats; my first sighting of a Grizzly in Klukshu Village; the stunning and wild landscape or, last but not least, the northern lights on a freezing winter night. Sometimes at night, drifting off to sleep, I’m convinced to hear the whistle of the Eagles or the howl of the Huskies. Thanks a lot to Beat and Eva for the warm-hearten hospitality, the professional support with photographic skills and for showing me the beauty of the wild nature in this part of the world. I hope you keep on living your dreams and your passion!!

( following photos by Daniel Sabathy)

Barbara Benkelberg

Barbara and Jörg Benkelberg

Everything is new: -25 °C, a log cabin without electricity and running water, but with an outhouse 30 metres away in the woods. After one day of practice, we became accustomed and forgot our previous concerns. Then we were already in Haines by the eagles. It was good that Beat gave us photography tips ahead of time. It goes like this: With about 20 other photographers (on 5km²) we shoot from all tubes. The next day, however, we realize that this was not even necessary. There are still so many opportunities, and because you get to know the behaviors of the eagles quickly, we can shoot more with more focus. The hotel in Haines is perfect and quite new, and that’s why we are ready at 6:00 in the morning to go to the sunrise photography. We learn about time lapse and time exposure and the full use of physical strength. „Get out of your comfort zone,“ Beat explains. In practical terms this means: belly on the ice, belly in the snow, and roll away quickly if the dog sled comes too close, climb up to the sheep who don’t want to be photographed this year. But, we have a great view over the valley.
We know now, that we never want to live in isolation. But to experience Eva and Beat in harmony with this magnificent world is simply a must.

( following photos by Barbara und Jörg Benkelberg)

Ernst Weiss

Ernst Weiss

Summary: a S U P E R journey. Something of the best I’ve experienced so far. I would like to thank everyone who participated, first and foremost Eva and Beat. But also Usch, Dani, Urs and Christoff have made these days an unforgettable experience with their straightforward way.
Thank you all

( following photos by Ernst Weiss)

Eugene Jungers

I would like to thank you for this unforgettable adventure. We had a bit of everything, rain – sunshine – snow and for our home standards extreme cold. We took great pictures of this scenic landscape and the bald eagles. Your log cabins and the hotels in Whitehorse and Haines were very good. Everything was just fine for me.
( following photos by Eugene Jungers)

Gabriela Vogel

The eagle tour was top-class! You have worked so hard to please us all and satisfy our needs. Once again it was very hard for me to say goodbye.

Felix Dirk

The trip was super! In particular I will remember one thing for a very long time: watching and photographing the eagles. In the mornings we were always on the flats of the Chilkat river and we had a small tour to show us where the eagles were at the time and where one could find action. What I found especially good was making portraits of the eagle, because one needed an incredible amount of patience, and every time one thought it would fly away, one became more patient still and remained seated. The closest distance of an eagle near me about 3 meters. That was fantastic. After 5-6 exciting hours outside in the nature taking pictures of the eagles, we drove towards the motel due to the oncoming darkness. But one did not have to be disappointed that the day was already over, instead one could already look forward to being able to photograph the eagles again the next day. The trip was a complete success for me. Many thanks to Eva & Beat.
(following photos by Beat Glanzmann)

Beatrice, Petra, Ruth, Elisabeth, Jan

It is almost impossible to find the right words to describe the amazing impressions and emotions.
Here are our highlights:

Whether stunning portrait or action photographs (in sunshine, snowfall and what felt like -30 degrees) or Beat’s workshop (where he patiently showed us skills on how to process images) we were always excellently cared for. We also tried to present ourselves well on the dog sled rides through the snow-covered forest or while stalking the Dall sheep. The attitude of the sled dogs impressed us quite a lot- it is nice to see that the dogs are allowed to run around freely for a change. With big interest we could photograph and get to know the surroundings of Haines Junction. Also the overnight stay in the „cosy“ cabins in the wilderness of the Yukon and the team’s excellent cooking (we will all take „bacon rolls“ around the belly home with us) was wonderful. What we unfortunately haven’t seen so far are the northern lights- that means for us, that we dream of a „next time“.

We would like to thank Eva and Beat for the great experiences and their warm hospitality.