I had an unforgettable time with Glanzmann Tours in the Yukon and in Alaska. These two weeks changed my life! Even today, 3 weeks back home, all of these deep impressions pop regularly in my mind and bring a smile to my face: Bald Eagles soaring almost weightless in the sky or battling over salmon carcasses on the river flats; my first sighting of a Grizzly in Klukshu Village; the stunning and wild landscape or, last but not least, the northern lights on a freezing winter night. Sometimes at night, drifting off to sleep, I’m convinced to hear the whistle of the Eagles or the howl of the Huskies. Thanks a lot to Beat and Eva for the warm-hearted hospitality, the professional support with photographic skills and for showing me the beauty of the wild nature in this part of the world. I hope you keep on living your dreams and your passion!!

feedback and photos by Daniel Sabathy

We enjoy the eagle liveliness in the beautiful sunshine in front of a gigantic mountain landscape. Clawing each other in the air, the eagle rivals swoop among themselves in the fight for the salmon. In the golden morning light we already have several time lapse sessions behind us. The eagles are awake and active, we enjoy watching their flight and fights, continued for days. It is an experience that we will never forget. The thousands of photos we bring home will keep us busy. While sorting them out and working on the pictures we will remember the beautiful time out there. For now we are still looking forward to white snowy days in the quiet wilderness and hope for more magnificent northern lights.

Silke Hamann, Barbara and Joerg Benkelberg

Your photo trip to the bald eagle was great. I greatly appreciated your expert care and calm personality. The bald eagles, the colors at sunrise in the Yukon, the northern lights and much more were fantastic. I would like to thank you for the photography tour and your hospitality. The trip fully met my expectations. I can only recommend this trip. Thank you very much!

Guest feedback and photos by Urs Meier