Belly on the ice, belly in the snow
BJ Bald eagle in Alaska, Glanzmann Tours Yukon

Everything is new: –25 °C, a log cabin without electricity and running water, but with an outhouse 30 metres away in the woods. After one day of practice, we became accustomed and forgot our previous concerns. Then we were already in Haines by the eagles. It was good that Beat gave us photography tips ahead of time.  It goes like this: With about 20 other photographers (on 5 km²) we shoot from all tubes. The next day, however, we realize that this was not even necessary. There are still so many opportunities, and because you get to know the behaviors of the eagles quickly, we can shoot more with more focus. The hotel in Haines is perfect and quite new, and that’s why we are ready at 6:00 in the morning to go to the sunrise photography. We learn about time lapse and time exposure and the full use of physical strength. „Get out of your comfort zone,“ Beat explains. In practical terms this means: belly on the ice, belly in the snow, and roll away quickly if the dog sled comes too close, climb up to the sheep who don’t want to be photographed this year. But, we have a great view over the valley.

We know now, that we never want to live in isolation. But to experience Eva and Beat in harmony with this magnificent world is simply a must.

November 2017 – following photos by Barbara und Jörg Benkelberg