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Beat Glanzmann and Eva Riedwyl are licensed wilderness guides with more than 30 years of outdoor experience. For more than two decades they live in their home of choice, the wilderness of Yukon, right next to Kluane National Park in northern Canada.

As business partners, Eva and Beat are mainly living a self-catered life close to nature, on 8 hectares, each on their own property. Together they have built their log houses and guest log cabins by themselves. On top of that, Beat also is a professional photographer. As an experienced, well-attuned team and established outdoor company, they guarantee you an unforgettable and incomparable adventure in Yukon and the wilderness.

«You are looking for pristine wilderness, pure nature, adventure, serenity and would like to experience all of this in a small tour group, with a warm family environment? Then this is the right place for you.»

Our tours are suitable for young and old, families, couples, single travelers as well as amateur and professional photographers.

Your Guides

Portrait von Eva Riedwyl Reise Anbieterin Leiterin, Besitzerin von Glanzmann Tours Yukon Kanada Nordamerika Touren

Eva Riedwyl

Born in Switzerland in 1970

«At the age of 23, I emigrated to Yukon and made a new life for myself at the edge of Kluane National Park.

As a co-founder of the company Glanzmann Tours, I look back on 25 years of experience as a canoe and photo journey guide as well as a musher. By living in the wilderness, I’ve become an outdoor expert, moving safely on the river, in bear country and in any weather, in and across remote wilderness.

Winter is my favorite season – sleeping under the stars, listening to the howling of huskies …

It is a great pleasure for me to share and experience with people the serenity and beauty of nature, where I feel at home for many years and I’m still astonished by every single day. My favorite place is the wilderness, where so much of what otherwise seems important to us suddenly becomes irrelevant. The enthusiasm and joy of nature I feel is contagious.»

«Im Zauber der Wildnis» ZDF TV

A ZDF film crew has visited Eva Riedwyl in all four seasons. They filmed dog-sled rides with huskies, Eva’s house building and much more from her life in the wilderness and the area. Other people living and working here at Kluane National Park were also portrayed and interviewed.

Watch «Im Zauber der Wildnis» online

Beat Glanzmann Photography, Yukon / Canada

Beat Glanzmann

Born in Switzerland in 1966

«I want to feel nature, to live in it. I love this wonderful silence and the miracles that can be found in it. To experience our human strengths, the beauty, but also our weaknesses in order to grow personally and to become stronger. This has become an important asset in my life I very much like to share with guests and I never want to do without again.

At school, I was constantly looking out the window, dreaming that somewhere out there, must be another kind of life.

Driven by the yearning for a natural life, I spent my youth on mountains and wanted to become a mountain guide. My search took me from the Eiger north face to the vertical El Capitan in California all the way to Alaska. When I was just 20 years old, I left with a friend to live on a lonely island in south Alaska (for 5 weeks) amid the Kodiak bears to experience and photograph these wonderful animals.

That’s how everything started 30 years ago. Since then, the wilderness has become an important part of my life.

I concentrated on professional photography, founded the company Glanzmann Tours and worked for a leading stock photography agency. This allowed me to guide guests to the remote wilderness areas of Alaska, the Yukon and the Arctic and into the world of brown, black and polar bears.

Incidentally, my new home was built right here next to the wonderful Kluane National Park. All log cabins and houses were built by ourselves, on a low budget, but with lots of ideas and visions.

My future? Just as before! Living in nature, spending quality time with guests and friends in the wilderness, experiencing and sharing adventures, continuing to realizing dreams as well as all of my creative photography and film projects.»

Beat’s photography website
Facebook Beat Glanzmann Photography
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Multimedia show «Ein neuer Horizont»

In winter 2015, Beat presented his own, elaborate live multivision “Ein neuer Horizont” in 15 Swiss cities: the authentic story of a life close to nature.

A visit to Swiss television DRS with Kurt Aeschbacher

Watch «Heimatland!» by Kurt Aeschbacher online

The Swiss presenter Kurt Aeschbacher is talking to Beat about his twenty years of living in the wilderness in Yukon, Canada (Swiss German, a broadcast from 2014).

What makes us different


Pristine wilderness awaits you in northern Canada’s Yukon Territory. Our winter tours take you deep into this wilderness, far away from people and towns. You will experience adventures, wilderness living and tranquility. No internet or cell phones, no 24/7 availability, just you and nature. Completely unwind and immerse yourself in nature with comforting wood stove fires, log cabin living, and refreshing, pure spring water…
and find richness in simplicity.

Our Philosophy

We personally guide all of our tours. Personal contact in small groups is very important to us and over the years our guests have appreciated this opportunity for the individual approach. Traveling with only small groups allows each person to develop an intimate relationship with the wilderness experience.

Our location

We live far away from civilization – far away from the next town, from crowds of people.
Taking in the peace and tranquility of the scenery while being active in this pristine wilderness will enable you to completely relax and recuperate. Enjoy time for yourself and time with your group.